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Pulsador de arranque 220V, LED Verde

Pulsador de arranque 220V, LED Verde
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22mm LED Emergency stop Button Switch LAY37-11ZSD NO+NC
Product General
LAY37 series are using high quality inflaming retarding materials, the switch unit is separated in dependently and the insulating performance is very well.
Product meets standards of IEC 60947-5-1, GB14048.5
The switch unit is slow-break and self-cleaning, it uses modular combination mode.
The protective degree is IP40

Product Specification
Model: LAY37-11ZSD
Mounting hole size: 22mm
Diameter of the mushroom cap: 40mm
Material of contact type:Silver alloy
Material of shell: Flame retarding material
Contact Type: 1NO(Normally Open)1NC(Normally Close)
Action Type: Maintained/latching/self-locking(ON-OFF. when you press the button it will be working, then you press the button again, it will be stop working)
Electrical Life: 5000,000 operations minimums
Mechanical Life: 500,000 operations minimums
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